Whipped Cream or Mustard? 🤣

2021 31 اوت
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  • The name always change it was joey mark and Robbie and now mark Joseph and robbie

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  • Robert teve ma sorte

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  • Robert teve ma sorte

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  • Tá bom

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  • I love this videos there so fun to watch lol

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  • Más actuado no se podía

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  • Bro the people who got whipped cream picked it up with one hand and the other one picked it up with the other hand he had to he ain't bendin his arm to whipped cream

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  • Can't they see what is in the box through the Camera

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  • I will do is break it and have two and then I will dip into one if it’s not good I will drop if it’s good then I will eat it

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  • They all picked the ice cream that matched the color of their hoodies 😂

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  • So eu lembrei do Naruto e do Jiraya?

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  • But....can't they see what's in it, especially when the first guy ate it. Like tf?

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  • Let me go back to the times where people put effort in videos.

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  • You can literally know what’s the sauce seeing the hand who the last one is using

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  • The first guy when he takes his ice cream and put it in the ice cream thing he’s face was sus as hell

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  • They act like they can't see what they get but I can still tell when I walk up

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  • I love Blackpinkbsong icecream

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  • Those would both be gross anyways

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  • Come on Robert.

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